A student of art since her teens, Morgan Blaul studied painting and photography at the University of Colorado, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts before returning to her hometown of Chicago. Upon landing back on familiar ground, Morgan immersed herself in city life and solidified her goal to pursue a career in beauty, photography, and fashion by enrolling in the Steven Papageorge Hair Academy.  Morgan successfully received a License of Cosmetology and immediately went to work.


Publications: Time, Vanity Fair, SPIN, Today’s Chicago Women, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Magazine, Institutional Investor, New City, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, ABA Journal, Time Out, Playboy, Image Magazine, Reader’s Digest, North Shore Magazine, AT&T Magazine, Ebony, Renew Magazine, New Mobility, Runners World, Fast Company, Chicago Tribune Magazine, Complete Woman, Preen, Bleech Magazine

Commercials: Blue Cross & Blue Shield; Illinois Tourism; Navy Pier; AMC- Memorial Day War Hero; Advil; Iowa Tourism; Hampton; ESPN- Aaron Rodgers; Allli, CLR; Grub Hubb; AARP; Fannie May; Nike - Luol Deng; United, Dial; Stelara; Treseme; Biore; Sears, Kraft; Special K; Bosch; Belk - Little Blue Book, Jeans On, Holiday Branding, Back to School, Come and Go, Carousel, Footware Frenzy

Print: Office Depot, Oscar Meyer, Ultimate Exposure, SC Johnson & Son, Sweet Lies, CITGO, Loyola Medicine, Office Max, Jack and Jones, Jim Beam, Search Institute, Kellogg’s, Carhartt, Flirty Girls, Miller Lite, Sears, Claire’s Boutique, Kraft, Blue Chip Casino, Huntington National Bank, Timberline Knolls, Duracell, Coco Irene, Pampered Chef, Elkay, Nuvula, OGI, Steppenwolf Theater, Private Bank, Notre Dame, American Family Insurance, Restasis, Advil, Kitchen Aid, Casio, Victory Garden, Microsoft, Office Max, Stacy Adams, Nunn Bush, Florsheim, Hyatt, Children’s Memorial Hospital, Pledge, Walgreens, Lunchables, Fixodent, Northshore Hospital, Hormel, Motorola, Horizon,  Project Runway Latin America, Little Debbie, Ziploc, Revlon, Juice, Tarkett, HiSoy, Shred 415, Nuveen, Hilton, Best Buy

TV and Movies: The Boss; Playboy Club; Three, CBS; Chiquis N Control; Exercise TV; WGN-Greg Behrendt; History Channel-Bill Curtis; Never(independent film); Monster House Press Junket; The Graduate-music video; Elizabeth and the Catapult(music video); Kevin Michael(music video);Traffic School (independent film); A&E, Big Ten Network; Self- WorkOut in the Park; Craftsman - Ty Pennington; USA -The Moth; The Dark Night Rises.

Photographers: Mark Lind, Todd Rosenberg, Mark Seleger, Saverio Truglia, Kevin Sinclair, Brad Harris, Tom Mayday, Kevin Banna, Shane Morgan, Christopher Lynch, Andrea Mandel, Jim Luning,, Johnny Knight, Taylor Castle, Michael Donovan, Rachel Hanel, Callie Lipkin, Soren Starbird, Russ Habziabdich, Amaris Granado, John Sibilski, James Banasiak, Andrew Brusso, Michael Dar, Karl Rothenburger, Todd Baxter, Michael Voltattornii, Alter Image, Lisa Predko,  Donte Tatum, Sean Williams, Jeff Bowin Ross, Brian Bailey, Sandro Miller, Terry Vine, Drew Reynolds, Andrew Cutaro, Freddy Fabris, Troy House,  Doug Adesko, Tim Klein, Jimmy William, Katrine Nateid, Julia Stotz, Jeff Sciortino, Don Levey, Victor Skrebneski, Brian Kuhlmann

Production Studios: Foundation Post, Team Works, RDR Productions, What the Hale Productions, Film Pharm Productions, Sony, Concentrated, Crew U, Crew Chicago, Protoculture, Story, The Shooting Draft, CI Design, The Culture Shop, Gaffney Film, Suite Partners, Magical Elves, Hungry Man